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Jacksonville & St.Mary's Engine Repair & Maintenance


Complete Automobile Maintenance: Engines

Engines that are driven properly and automobile for can last thousands and thousands of miles.

Maintenance and automobile:

Proper automobile includes regular oil and filter changes, checkups of engine performance, and periodic cooling system maintenance by a Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO mechanic. If you notice that the engine is using oil, has problems with oil pressure, the coolant temperature has risen, or engine performance is not up to par, have the problems investigated as soon as possible by a Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO mechanic.

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Complete Automobile Maintenance: Engine Sensors

Sensors serve a variety of functions for the engine, transmission, and other critical systems.

Maintenance and automobile:

While sensors do not require maintenance, a sensor operating outside its normal range for long enough will often cause the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT indicator on the dashboard to light. If the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT appears, have its cause checked out as soon as you can. The trained mechanics at Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO Centers can help you pinpoint the cause of the malfunction triggering the light.

Complete Automobile Maintenance: Ignition/Spark Plugs

The ignition system typically includes spark plugs, ignition wires, the distributor, and several other components.

Maintenance and automobile:

Spark plugs in today’s automobiles are typically replaced anywhere between every 30,000 miles and 100,000 miles, depending on the automobile and type of spark plugs. Please refer to your owner’s manual for factory recommended maintenance intervals for your specific automobile. Trouble with the ignition system is typically signified by an engine that surges, runs rough, stalls, or gets abnormally poor gas mileage. Another indication is the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT indicator on the dashboard lights. If the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT illuminates, have its cause checked out as soon as you can by a Jacksonville  & St. Mary's AAMCO mechanic. The trained mechanics at Jacksonville  & St. Mary's AAMCO Centers can help you pinpoint the cause of the malfunction triggering the light.

Complete Automobile Maintenance: Valve Train

Your automobile’s engine valves allow the engine to “breathe”, pulling a mixture of air and fuel into the cylinders and pushing out exhaust.

Maintenance and automobile:

Regular maintenance will keep the valve train running properly. This maintenance includes:

  • Regular oil and filter changes.
  • Proper maintenance of the cooling system.
  • Replacement of the timing belt (if so equipped).
  • Use of the proper grade of fuel. Check your owner’s manual for the proper fuel grade for your automobile.

Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO Centers can assist you with the appropriate maintenance schedules and can perform the proper maintenance for your automobile.

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